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Bedbugs Monmouth County

Here are just some reasons why people trust Eastern with their Bedbug extermination:

  • We know where the bed bugs hide
  • We know how to make them go away … quickly & effectively
  • Our bed bug detection dog and experts make the perfect team
  • Our dual approach to detection, treatment & prevention works

Bedbug extermination by Eastern Termites in Monmouth County
We also take the time to remove electrical plates, light fixtures, and other hiding places that are less obvious and may be easily overlooked.

What Should I Know?

What do they look like and how would I know if I have bed bugs?

Bed Bugs control in Monmouth County

Bed bugs are generally 1/8 inch – 1/4 inch in length. They are reddish brown with an oval shaped body and small head. These insects feed on warm blooded animals – normally the blood of sleeping people. One of the first signs of having bed bugs is discovering that you or a family member has been bitten. Their bites leave small red marks which will turn to itchy welts on the skin. Another way at detecting the presence of bed bugs is from the bloodstain on your sheets or in or near the seams of your mattress.

Why is it important to call Eastern just as soon as you detect the presence of bed bugs?

Bed bugs reproduce rapidly. A pregnant female can lay up to 10 eggs at a time that will hatch in seven to ten days. The baby bugs need to start feeding immediately on the blood of humans. It only takes these bed bugs 8 weeks to become adults and start reproducing. So time is of the essence before the population of bed bugs gets out of control.

How do bed bugs get into our space?

Bedbug Control by Eastern Termites in Monmouth County

We can come in contact with bed bugs anywhere — at work, at stores, in a hotel, and when we travel. Bugs can hide in suitcases when we travel, or in briefcases or purses at work, they can also migrate from adjoining apartments, retail stores or other spaces. They can hide in packages that get delivered and infest your home in a host of other ways.

How difficult is it to detect the presence of bed bugs?

It all depends. There are two ways to detect bed bugs – by visual inspection and by smell. Even the most experienced exterminators can only find them about 35% of the time. Highly-trained dogs can find the bugs 95% of the time. So an experienced exterminator knows where to look and is trained to work with a certified bed bug detection dog who can smell the bugs that are not easily visible. For example, dogs can detect bugs in places that are extremely difficult to visually inspect – in all of the books in bookshelves, in clothing, shoes, closets, furniture, electronics, etc. At the same time, our exterminators will check behind light plug covers, behind artwork, in light fixtures. etc. A dog can also quickly detect if the bugs have spread into other rooms.

Life Stages of Bed Bugs

Life Stages of Bed Bugs

Illustration by: Scott Charlesworth, Purdue University, Based in part on Usinger, R.L. 1966, Monograph of the Cimicidae

Residential & Commercial Services

Our unique approach to detection, treatment and prevention makes sense.


Not only do we use highly-trained and certified bed bug detection dogs, we always send two experienced exterminators to each appointment. This two-pronged approach ensures an unsurpassed level of accuracy, efficiency, and results you can trust.


Residential Bed Bugs prevention in Monmouth County

While many firms rely on either a chemical or a freezing process, we use both because we know how important it is to do it right. This provides you with not just an initial kill but a safe and long lasting protection for you and your family.


It you have ever had bed bugs you know that you don’t want them to come back. That’s why we take the time to educate you on how to reduce the risk of ever getting bed bugs again, and we carry specialized products that provide ongoing protection.

We have the same commitment to satisfaction for both residential and commercial clients.

Whether we are exterminating bed bugs from: an apartment, house, hotel, department store, restaurant or storage/warehouse space, we have the experience, expertise and reputation for excellence you can trust.


At Eastern we take the time to educate you so you are better prepared to help prevent future infestations. We also carry the mattress covers that we recommend for additional protection and peace-of-mind after the extermination process. It is our policy to always keep your problem confidential.


We understand the implications of having a bed bug problem. With Eastern, you can relax because we always keep your problem confidential. We also adjust our schedule to solve your problem quickly and effectively and with as little disruption to your business as possible.


The Cryonite® method uses the cooling properties of common CO2 (carbon dioxide) to kill pests. Liquid CO2 is transformed into exceptionally cold dry-ice snow, and freezes the pests to death. CO2 is not poisonous and leaves no residues. The method is completely dry. It is also physical, i.e. non-chemical, therefore there is no risk of pesticide resistance. Pure CO2 presents no risk of contamination, even in sensitive industries. It is recycled from industrial processes. CRYONITE therefore does not add CO2 to the atmosphere (carbon neutral).

How Does Cryonite® work?

The CO2 is in a liquid form in the tube and will come out frozen (snow) from the nozzle. About half of the CO2 will become cold gas, blowing the snow forward into the pests hiding places.

The CO2 snow made from CRYONITE is a mixture of particles with different sizes and speeds. This mix forms a snow with good freezing qualities and has been tested to give the optimal result-against pests.

Killing the pests

When the CO2 snow hits surfaces at normal temperatures it evaporates (sublimates) and becomes CO2 gas. During this process energy is required and this heat energy is extracted from the immediate surroundings. If insects are part of the immediate surroundings, the energy is taken from them and extreme cooling results, the water in their cells crystallizes to ice, killing the insects. Materials will only be chilled on the surface. Most materials have the ability to transport energy from their larger mass, which results in relatively small drops in temperature here. When the pest is deep frozen, it has to stay frozen for a short while. CRYONITE’S particles are optimized for reaching the pests, and clinging to them.

Note: This is why Nitrogen is not as effective despite colder temperatures (-198C / -320F); because as it goes from liquid to gas it floats on a layer of gas thus forming insulating barrier, it takes almost no energy from the surface. CRYONITE’s particles hit both pests and surfaces, touching them directly.

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