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Termite Control Monmouth County


Workers are 1/8 to 3/8 inch in length pale or cream colored. Swarmers are 1 inch in length, black with clear wings. They usually begin to mate and start new colonies in the spring, when its warm and damp. A termite colony can be up to 20 ft in the ground. For more info, click here.

Termites control in Monmouth County

• Have at least 2 inches of foundation visible around your entire home
• Drain water away from foundation and keep it as dry as possible
• Repair all leaks. If you locate a swarm, seal off the room.
• Call Eastern immediately for an evaluation.

Carpenter Ants

Usually solid black, but can vary from red or brown. They can damage wood reducing it to sawdust or pencil shavings. They can be located up to 100 yards away from your home, so bait is commonly used to help control the colony. For more info, click here.

Carpenter Ants control in Monmouth County

• Trim all tree branches around your home
• Fill in any tree holes to prevent nesting
• Drain water away from foundation and keep it as dry as possible
• Repair all leaks


Termidor Protect Your Home with Termidor’s Termite Defense Solution.

When treating for termites, Eastern Termite & Pest Control only uses state of the art products. Gain 100% control in 3 months. Termidor eliminates the need for high cost, high maintenance baiting systems.

Termidor insecticide has a number of flexible application options. We’ll determine what type of treatment will work best for your particular situation. If there are no active termites in your home, Eastern will help ensure there won’t be any in the future. This not only protects your peace of mind, but adds value to your home as well.

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