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Wildlife & Rodent Removal Monmouth County

We offer humane, effective removal options for Rodents & Wildlife. Contact us to schedule a consultation with us so we can help remove the pesky problem.

We remove the following animals and rodents:


Groundhogs control in Monmouth County

Groundhogs begin hibernation mid-October and emerge in February. They are active in the early morning and late afternoon and can eat your whole garden overnight while burrowing 2-4 ft. They stand erect in alert and use a high-pitched whistle to warn the colony of danger. An Eastern professional can assist in removing them from your property.


Vole control in Monmouth County

Larger than mice, about 5 inches in length, grayish brown in color. They will establish tunnels beneath gardens and will try to enter the lower level of your home but will continue to return to their existing tunnels outside.

  • Your best prevention is to seal up all existing holes around your foundation.
  • Take care of your lawn and keep gardens clean of harborage.


Rat control in Monmouth County

Their color is brown or black, approximately 12 inches in length. Rats like mice will enter your home in the fall in search of food which has been diminished outside. Rats are good climbers so they can gain entry from numerous areas of your home.

  • Keep as little harborage around your home as possible so as to not attract rodents.
  • Seal up all holes larger then 1/4 of an inch.
  • Eastern can help keep your home rodent free during the winter months.


Raccoons control in Monmouth County

They will enter your yard or home in search of food, water and shelter. They usually come out at night and forage in trash. They will not eat cats or dogs, they can be rabid and will be aggressive if attacked. They have skillful hands and can open garbage cans.

  • Seal all attic vents with wire mesh.
  • For your protection let an Eastern Professional humanely trap and remove them from your home.


Squirrels control in Monmouth County

They have a high tolerance for humans and can be found in residential areas and urban parks. They will invade your home’s attic or crawl space for refuge and can destroy your insulation and wiring.

  • Seal all attic vents and roofing with wire mesh.
  • Call an Eastern professional to humanly trap and remove them from your home.

House Mice

House Mouse control in Monmouth County

Approximately 2 inches long, gray in color. The house mouse will move indoors during the cooler months because their food supply dwindles.

  • The best way to prevent their intrusion is to have as little harborage as possible for them to feed on.
  • Seal as many holes and cracks on the outside of your home to prevent their entry.
  • They only need 1/4 of an inch to take up residency.


Opossums control in Monmouth County

Opossums are omnivorous rat-tailed mammals that eat a wide range of plants and animals. They can wreak havoc on your garden, sod, and cause damage to your home as they try to gain entry in search for food and raid garbage cans.

  • Keep all crawl spaces and basements well sealed.
  • If your problem persists Eastern can humanely trap and remove them.


Mole control in Monmouth County

12 to 20 inch in length, dark gray or brown, most moles do not eat plants but feed mainly on earthworms. Only one or two moles can be responsible for damage to your lawn or garden. Moles are not easy to control.

  • Proper lawn care can be helpful.
  • Spray castor oil on a lawn to make it less attractive to moles.
  • Place moth balls around the lawn and in mole holes to make the area less attractive to moles.

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